About Shiitake Mushroom Farming

Fungi Farm has specialized in growing natural, organic shiitake mushrooms and shiitake mushroom logs for over a decade. Fungi Farm gives you expert tips on log farming so you can enjoy shiitakes at home and shiitake mushroom nutrition information to help you and your family stay healthy.

These remarkable mushrooms are not only hardy and easy to grow in their natural habitat, but they also provide innumerable health benefits compared to their store-bought counterparts.  Fungi Farm’s shiitakes are grown in oak and alder logs from the Cascade Mountains and inoculated when the wood is richest and ready for mushrooms.  Log-grown shiitake mushrooms provide higher levels of protein, b-vitamins, minerals, calcium, magnesium, potassium and good carbohydrates, all which help to strengthen the immune system and fight illness.

Grow shiitake mushrooms at home and harvest year-round to enjoy your favorite mushrooms right from your backyard.  Read Fungi Farm’s other tips on log farming and nutritional benefits for more information, and order your shiitake mushroom log today. 

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